RESEARCH: Collect of all information needed for closing (existing mortgages, home owner/condominium association assessments, property taxes and other liens or potential liens affecting property)

REVIEW:  Examine contract, survey, title documents. Identify issues or defects.


COMMUNICATE:  Coordinate resolution of issues identified and clear title and ensure satisfaction of contract conditions and closing requirements.


CLOSING:  Attorney conducted settlement for Buyers/Borrowers and Sellers. Review Settlement Statement and Closing Disclosure.  Receive into escrow delivery of items necessary to satisfy contract terms. Oversee execution of final closing documents, title affidavits, conveyance instruments and loan papers. 


RECORD: Review court records to make sure nothing has appeared since initial search performed.  File Deeds and security instruments with appropriate court Clerk.


DISBURSEMENT: Settlement escrow funds immediately disbursed in accordance with approved Settlement Statement once recording has occurred Executed loan documents are delivered to lender, and signed Statements are delivered to all necessary parties.

FINAL DOCUMENTS: Title Insurance Policies issued and delivered to the purchaser and lender along with the recorded instruments upon return from the courthouse.  Follow up with appropriate parties to ensure liens satisfied by settlement disbursements are properly recorded in the land records.       


Owner's Title Insurance


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